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Telecom technology major
  • Summary

    Industry Telecom technology

    Client One of the world's largest telecom equipment manufacturers

    Requirement Our customer has a strategic outsourcing agreement with one of India's top three telecom companies, to supply, operate and manage the telco's IVR systems. Our team works with our customer's team to manage the IVR systems, develop, deploy and maintain new IVR applications, and build back-end Java applications related to these systems.

  • Our team

    Relationship We engaged with the customer for the first time in 2008, where we executed some small applications in Java with very complex algorithms. These involved call data record analysis. After these assignments, we engaged in some small Java software assignments related to IVR systems, and eventually entered the IVR space based on the customer's IVR technology.

    IVR apps The customer has products used by both telco and enterprise segments for IVR systems. Applications on these IVR systems are developed using a graphical front-end which maps the call flow and inputs. These front-end apps cannot do much in standalone mode; they need to integrate with back-end databases and business applications. This integration is done through Web services and Java code. Our strong base in Java and database applications permitted us to build back-end applications or debug legacy applications rapidly. We sent engineers to Singapore to get training from our customer in IVR application development using their tools and technologies. We began a staff augmentation relationship with 4-5 engineers to maintain some legacy IVR applications.

    Java applications Our work in IVR and Java interfaces satisfied the customer and we were invited to build a team for Java application and system maintenance. We set up the second team in Dec 2010, to work on Java applicatins. This team grew as the customer's requirements expanded. The work involved new application development and debugging and extensions to legacy applications. Some of the experience we gained in this engagement are mentioned in the page on our Java track record.

    Current engagement We currently operate one team of about 20 engineers at the customer's India HQ at Gurgaon, which is close to where their customer's telco operations are headquartered. This team is split into IVR and Java application roles. We also operate a second team at Pune in the regional NOC of the telco. This team is involved in system operation and maintenance; the equipment includes Linux and RISC-Unix servers and networking equipment. We have an Account Manager based in Gurgaon who heads the team administratively. Our engineers work in two or three shifts as required.

    This customer engagement is as per the staff augmentation model (refer our models of engagement). The current contract has frozen billing rates for a 24-month period and established a structured relationship.