Merce Select

How our selection process works

  • Junior positions

    Resume no-no We do not accept resumes at the time of application, specially for technical positions. Your resume has very little impact on our selection process; we use it for talking points during interviews.

    Write to us in an email to, specifying the position you are looking for. We will ask you to come for a written programming test at our office in Mahape, Navi Mumbai.

    For selections for Gurgaon positions, we conduct infrequent recruitment activities. If you apply to us for a Gurgaon position, we will contact you when we have our next recruitment round there.

    Steps For any location and any junior position, all roles which involve software development will be processed as follows:

    • It starts with a programming test. If you do not score reasonable marks, your application is dropped. If you clear, you are asked for your resume.
    • After this, there is a first round of technical interview, which discusses your answers and thoughts on the questions in the programming test. Further short-listing is done here. This is the point at which selection decisions are taken for Assistant Application Engr and Application Engr positions.
    • There will usually be a second round of interview for Senior AE and other positions. After this round, selection decisions for Senior AE positions may be taken. There is often delay between the first interview round and subsequent interview rounds, due to other commitments of interview panels.
    • There may be additional rounds of interview for PM, Business Analyst, and Tech Lead positions. This part varies from case to case.

    An offer letter is issued within 2 working days from the selection decision.

  • Senior positions

    GM and VP positions are usually handled by top management members directly. The process starts with your resume in this case. You may send your application by email to as above, specifying the role for which you are applying and attaching your resume.

    The first round of interview is with one of the members of the company's core team, often with other officers present. There are subsequent rounds of interview, at locations and timings mutually convenient. (We have on one occasion driven down to Pune from Navi Mumbai for a meeting with a potential senior manager over late evening snacks.)

    There will be at least one interview with one or two members of our company's Advisory Board or Board of Directors, specially for positions of SBU Head. Discussions tend to be long -- we have never had the entire process of multiple meetings finishing in less than two months.

    Details will be finalised with members of our top management and a hand-crafted offer document will be issued as soon as things are frozen.


  • Case studies

    Work we have done for other customers in various engagement models